Ultimate Home Profits Review – Is it a Scam?

Ultimate Home Profits Review

Name: Ultimate Home Profits Review

Website: http://www.ultimate-home-profits.com/

Price: $97 + upsells

Owners: Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson is back with a “new” scam. That’s right, this is another duplicate scam site that is hoping to prey on unknowing customers. The purpose of this Ultimate Home Profits review is to educate the public on the dangers of these duplicate scams. Read on!

To Begin With…

The expression that I use, “duplicate scam sites,” is pretty self-explanatory, but allow me to explain what it means to the beginners among you.

What is a Duplicate Scam Site?

Scam artists work incredibly hard to get around an honest days work. At the end of the day, all you need to scam a large group of people is a convincing funnel (website), a hyped up sales page, and the know-how to promote it.

Duplicate scam sites were born out of scam artist’s aversion to actual work. People who work in my niche (Make Money Online) are constantly undermining the “work” of these scam artists. By writing reviews of their programs and revealing that they are scams, we bring awareness to the public. Once the public is aware that a particular program is a scam, sales naturally dwindle.

What do lazy scammers do when the public stops buying their “programs?”

They simply copy and paste the entire program, but they change the name. That is a what a duplicate scam site is. It’s a carbon copy of a previous scam with a new name that the public doesn’t recognize. This keeps the scammers away from actual work, and it allows them to continue scamming people.

I find that the best way to sum up duplicate scams is with pictures. Here is a picture of the homepage of a program called Replace Your Job:

Replace Your Job Duplicate Content

Doesn’t this look awfully similar to the Ultimate Home Profits’ homepage?

We’ve got a match! The greatest thing (Who am I kidding? The only good thing…) about duplicate scam sites is the fact that they are so easy to spot. This makes my job, as someone who reviews these programs, much easier.

Duplicate content does not rank on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Ranking on the first page of the SERPs is the best way to receive FREE traffic (visitors) to your website. Given that they don’t rank, these duplicate sites rely on other means of traffic generation. Mainly, they create fake news sites to promote the program.

These fake news sites are the lowest of the low, in my opinion. They are taking advantage of beginners to the industry. There is some good news. Fake news sites are illegal, and recently I’ve seen a lot of them being deleted as the result of a crackdown. Ultimate Home Profits is being promoted by sniper sites (sites with the keyword “Ultimate Home Profits” in the url). The owners of these sites are, at the very least, affiliated with the program and should not be trusted.

The fraud doesn’t stop there! Perhaps the most misleading thing of all is the fact that “Michelle Robinson” doesn’t actually exist.

Who is Michelle Robinson?

Michelle Robinson is supposedly the owner of Ultimate Home Profits, but the truth is she doesn’t actually exist. I wouldn’t call a program a scam just because the owner uses a fake name. I understand the need for privacy. However, in this case I believe the fake name is utilized because nobody in their right mind would be comfortable putting their name on such a blatant scam. Here are some other fake names that I’ve seen:

  • Michelle Withrow
  • Cami White
  • Amy Parker

In all likelihood, Ultimate Home Profits and it’s duplicates, are owned by a corporation. I have not been able to confirm who is actually behind these scams. If you have any information that could help me out, please leave it in a comment below.

Clearly, I’m not a fan of Ultimate Home Profits, and clearly, I think it is a scam. In the interest of fairness, I am still going to tell you what the program can teach you….

Program Overview

Ultimate Home Profits Header

Ultimate Home Profits provides information on the following topics:

The problem is, they just provide the information, they don’t help you understand it. While this is a membership program, there really isn’t a focus put on the members. The whole “program” is essentially just a book. You can learn a lot from reading books, but you can’t ask a book any questions when you need help. The best programs are the ones that allow you to work with, learn from, and network with other Internet marketers.

The Price and the Upsells

Ultimate Home Profits will cost you a one-time fee of $97. If you keep attempting to navigate away from the program it will be reduced to $47.

Why would they charge you $97 but settle for $47? What is it actually worth? NOTHING in my opinion.

This program has two upsells. The first is for a “VIP Package” and it will cost you $147. The second will cost you $19.95 and it is for a personal coaching call. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT give your phone number to this program. The call is where they will try their hardest to squeeze money out of you. I’ve heard horror stories of people losing thousands of dollars during one of these “coaching sessions.” They are very persistent, and will try their best to convince you that you need to pay more to earn more.

The Final Word…


Ultimate Home Profits is a scam. I knew that before I even started this review, because they made it easy for me to spot. While there are things to be learned from this program (albeit not much) it’s real goal is to make money for the owners, NOT to help you succeed with an Internet marketing career. Avoid this program and any programs that look like it in the future.

Don’t give up on your dream of making money online. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to make a full-time income while you’re sitting at home in your pajamas. For me, it’s less about the money and more about the freedom that comes with the job. I can do this job from anywhere. I’m no longer tied down by a regular “9 to 5.” I want the same for all of you.

The majority of the programs that I review are complete scams. It’s a sad truth. However, there ARE legitimate programs out there that can teach you everything you need to know about making money online. It’s all about finding the right program for yourself. Check out my #1 recommendation. It’s the program that taught me everything that I needed to succeed with my affiliate marketing career, and it just might be the right program for you.

Want to Learn how to Make Money Online?

Do you have any personal experience with Ultimate Home Profits? Any feedback? Leave it in a comment below! It’s literally my job to help you guys out, so help me help you!

Derek Rees

I am the owner of Pajamas and Tie. After years of being scammed, I've taken it upon myself to expose these schemes and let the legitimate programs shine through. You can find me on my site or hanging out over at Wealthy Affiliate.


  1. I was literally on the phone with someone from Ultimate Home Profits (after purchasing the $147 package when I started to feel really suspicious of the conversation. I quickly googled for some reviews (I know, I should have done that up front) and found your review. No doubt, that saved me lots of time and money. The first red flag beyond the up selling was that I was unable to talk to a real person even though that was required to have access to what I had purchased. The second was that it took 4 weeks for someone to call me and when they did, they immediately set it up for me to no be someone that they were looking for to provide their coaching. Please keep putting the truth out there. I’m thinking of trying Wealthy Affiliate, though I feel a little gun shy, or scam shy, as it were.

    • Hello Lillie,

      Did you seek a refund for your $147? If so, was it a difficult process for you?

      I saw that you connected with me over at WA. No need to be “scam shy.” I believe you’ve already witnessed WA’s potential to help you unlock your own. Let’s stay in touch over at WA, and if you need any help along the way, feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

      Thank you for the feedback regarding Ultimate Home Profits!


  2. I got involved with Ultimate Home Profits about a week ago. The initial price was $97. I got a call from a very nice woman who immediately started telling me I needed to signup for a mentoring program for an additional $1000. I did not have the money so they said I should put it on a credit card I had yet to receive. I was told I would be able to make more than the minimum payment on the credit card from the money I would make. While waiting for the credit card I began to think about the pressure they were applying. They called me daily asking had the card come in. So I went on line to look at the original program. In doing so I googled the name and found multiple unfavorable websites. So when they called again I told them I had changed my mind. The person on the phone was upset and told me how they had been “holding” a spot for me. I said I am sure you will find someone to fill it. I will still review the program but I think I am going to request a refund. Thanks for your help.

    • Thank you for this information Becky. The fact that they actually suggested you charge $1,000 to your credit card is appalling. Requesting a refund is definitely your best option. Keep me posted on how that goes for you.


  3. I requested a refund 5 days ago. They have not responded to any of my emails. The only way I can see getting a refund is by doing a charge back which I am going to do. This is a scam and I plan to investigate this company and find out who is behind it.

  4. I got an email that linked me to a webpage that linked me to this scam website. I admit I was interested because the original website was posted on USA Today. The website look legit (but I was a bit suspicious when I noticed all the comments are from that day) so I continued further. Then I hit the real website and skimmed through the long explanation of how much money I could make without them truly explaining how I would make it unless I had a program. I still hesitate because I had hopes this might be legit. When I came to the bottom of the page where they wanted your credit card, it had various forms of security. Like they had McAfee secure and verisign and more. That would have tricked me but I noticed that I couldn’t click on these securities. So I decided to look for reviews and found this handy website. Your page about this help save me some money and wasted time. I wanted to just inform you that this scammer stepped it up with those phony website security and possible the USA today webpage was phony too. So thank you for helping likely to be scammed people like myself not get scammed.

    • Thank you for the feedback and the new information Karen! I was not aware of the USA today connection. I will look into this soon.

      Thank you for reading!


  5. I got involved with Ultimate Home Profits about a week ago. The initial price was $97.a week later they call me to I start the program and I needed to signup for a mentoring program for an additional $2495. after all talking and everything they says If I can come up with $1500. so I accept it before even know about this program talking about, I’m thinking of trying Wealthy Affiliate or scam shy ,now i have to request a refund which is I don’t know I can get anything back 🙁

  6. I recently received an email that told me that I could start making money from home within minutes of signing up for the ultimate home profits program. I hesitated for a long time before I finally decided to take the chance because it was a money back guarantee so I figured I had nothing to lose right? Wrong! Not only is there not a number to call, but, there is no way to get my money back. A live person actually called me and went through a big speech and supposedly selected me but then when I asked him if I was going to have to purchase more programs he kept changing the subject. I was supposed to have had an appointment set up with the “director of the company” on Saturday but no one ever called. I have sent an email to them for a refund but can’t get a response. I wish I would have seen this site before I wasted my time and money! I really would like to earn money from home.

    • Hello Crystal,

      I’m sorry that UHP took advantage of you. They have been scamming people for a long time and they have become quite skilled at it. Don’t let this hiccup discourage you from pursuing your dream of making money from home. Check out my “trusted” tab for websites that will genuinely help you in your goal.


  7. Thank you for what you have put out their I am thank for God because I don’t now how a came across this site I have been praying if I should buy UHP, can you help me I am in the process of loosing my had with 7 kids thank God I didn’t fall into the trap and lost my money, can you direct me into I can get into…thank you God bless

    • Hello Leo,

      If you’re looking to begin a career online, I recommend starting with affiliate marketing. The start up costs are low (You’ll need to purchase a domain, which is about $10 depending on where you go, and pay for the hosting). Affiliate marketing is how I make money online. It’s the process of advertising/promoting OTHER peoples products and collecting commission on the sales that you refer.

      The work is easy, but it can be difficult to learn if you don’t have help. Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything I know, it continues to allow me to network with other entrepreneurs, and it keeps me up to date on everything that is required to continue to succeed online. The link above provides more information on the program.

      I wish you luck! Stop by, or send me an email if you have any more questions!


  8. Ultimate Home Profits sent me several emails that I had been ignoring. I knew most likely this would not be a legitimate money making company – however being out of work for almost one year now, I am willing to look into just about anything! After reviewing their website, there was just not enough information given for me to trust the idea to just sign up and pay. I therefore called the number that was provided on the website for additional assistance. Immediately I was placed on hold without even speaking to anyone. I finally hung up after waiting 15 minutes never corresponding at all…lame. The whole reason I am actually writing this comment was not for the purpose of complaining (even though I did), it is to actually say Thank You. In the midst of this chaos is how I landed on your website Pajamas And Tie… I appreciate very much that you take the time to research, develop and guide others in the right direction. Your website is very informative and helpful. know that your hard work is not going unnoticed. I hope you continue to do this type of work. It sure helps those of us who are less experienced and knowledgeable – so Thanks!

  9. Gave Ultimate home profits $97.00 to start the job and then I found this website. Is there any way I can get my money back ? Pls let me know

    • I believe that there is a number on the website you can call for a refund. Be warned, they will try to convince you to change your mind and they may attempt to upsell you. If they refuse to refund your money, or are particularly malicious, contact your credit card company/bank and ask them to stop the payment.

      I hope this helps!


  10. Recently Mr.Trump endorsed this program.That is what led me here to confirm what I knew.Thanks for your insight.

  11. So annoying… I just went to the website as Donald Trump vouched for the website… glad I’ve avoided unnecessary heartache but still seeking a work from home position as my employment is ending February 12th!

  12. I got a email from some one about donalds trump home profit program i been looking over this for like a week. It sounded good this morning as i was almost about to purchase this program im talking about i just got threw putting all my information in but i didnt send it yet. Something told me to go and type in scam and it lead me to this page. Thank you so much for the opening of my eyes to the biggest mistake that i wad about to make. Im about to go delete all my information right now.

  13. Thank you for this site. I also paid the $97 and was going to sign up tonight for the mentoring program. I am usually so careful about sites like this but also so that Donald Trump was endorsing it and really felt secure with that. PLEASE check into that endorsement. Thank you so much for this site, may look into wealthy affiliate, however now I am very skeptical once more.

    • Thanks for reading Jan. I looked into that “endorsement,” it was fake. It was for “entertainment purposes” only. Pretty devious scam.

  14. I noticed someone above said that the offer came to them through a U.S.A today column. The offer was presented to me as an article from CNN and the article stated that Donald Trump suggested “average Americans” will find great success with this program. I hope this information helps your investigation

    • This information is certainly interesting. I had my doubts about this “endorsement,” so I dug further. At the bottom of the Ultimate Home Profits homepage, you will notice a disclaimer. Within this disclaimer it states that the use of “CNN” and “Trump” is for entertainment purposes only. Trumped.

  15. On March 21, 2016 I got an email from CNN so I clicked on it and the ad was from Ultimate Home Profits. After reading it, it sounded great just what I was looking for. I signed up for $77.00 and gave them my credit card number. The next day I went online just to get information about this company, well after reading the reviews I realized this was a scam. I called the company and told them I wanted to cancel this program and requested a refund. Alexia who waited on me said, the refund will take 5-7 days and we will credit your credit card. I gave them plenty of time and noticed 3 weeks later still no refund. On 4/12/16 I called them and they did not have my account in their computer. It was obvious that they deleted my account and had no intentions of refunding me. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAM ARTIST!! I hope & pray they get caught.

  16. Wow, that is a harrowing tale Pam. I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through all of that. Keep us posted on whether or not you are able to get any of your money back. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!


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