Free Money System Review – Scam Warning!

Free Money System Review

Name: Free Money System

Price: “Free” (excluding the amount you’ll deposit at a brokerage)

Owners: Walter Green

Free Money System (FMS) is a binary options trading software that promises to make you a millionaire in just 90 days. Right off the bat I have a problem with their marketing tactics.

You will never become a millionaire in 90 days. Unless you win the lottery. 

Is FMS like winning the lottery? I suspected not, but I decided to buy into the “program” to find out for certain. This Free Money System review is the result of my findings.

To Begin With…

Have you ever considered trading binary options?

Well before you do, allow me to explain it. While it is referred to as “trading,” the better word is gambling.

With Binary Options you bet on whether a particular stock will go up or down. You do not actually purchase the stock and sell it after it’s value rises. It’s a complete guessing game. If you guess right, you win your particular bet, if you guess wrong… well you guessed it, you LOSE money. The process of betting on whether a stock’s value will rise or fall is called calling or putting.

A lot of people are of the mindset that Binary Options, in general, are a scam. I don’t subscribe to this belief. I think Binary Options are an extreme gamble and I don’t recommend this gamble to anyone.

Having said that, this review is not for Binary Options it’s for Free Money System.

So, let’s talk about it….

Program Overview

I hate the way that this system is being promoted. The creators are trying to sell you on the dream of making millions without telling you what you are getting into, just hoping you will buy into the program without performing your due diligence.

FMS false advertisement

They also provide a false sense of urgency by telling you there are only a limited amount of spots, within the program, left. This is meant to get you to act quickly and signup. Don’t fall for it. They will never turn down potential money.

FMS False Urgency

These are both common (and deceitful) marketing tactics. At this point you may be thinking:

“This system is FREE. Why should the marketing tactics come in to question?”

The truth is, this “system” isn’t really free. Once you signup for FMS you will be asked to signup with one of three possible brokers:

Binary Options Brokers

Note: I am unfamiliar with these brokers so I can not attest to their legitimacy or lack thereof. The Binary Options industry is largely unregulated and roughly 75% of these brokers are fraudulent.

If you signup with one of these brokers you will need to make an initial investment of at least $200 dollars before you can begin betting.

Here’s the sneaky part…

All of these brokers have affiliate programs. When you signup with a broker through FMS, they will receive credit for referring you and collect commission on your initial investment and all future investments that you make.

That’s okay though, right? FMS’ software will ensure that you will always win your bets. Not quite. Let’s talk about this “software.”

The Software

FMS’ magical software that determines when you should “call” or “put” doesn’t actually exist. This is the most deceitful marketing tactic by far.

I want you to seriously think about this. If a software existed that determined when a stock’s value would rise or fall, do you think it would be given away for free?

Of course it wouldn’t.

Whoever owned this software would make a killing on the stock market. They would NEVER give away their golden ticket for free.

Free Money System’s only goal is to get you to signup with a broker and collect commission on your investments. It’s simply an unnecessary bridge that connects you with brokers that may or may not be legitimate.

When it comes to Binary Options, you have a 50/50 chance of winning. It’s a huge risk but if you are willing to take it, do you really need an “expert” telling you which of the two options to choose?

Pros and Cons

  • It’s just a bridge site that connects you to brokers.
  • The marketing tactics are deceitful.
  • The software does not actually exist.
  • It’s not actually free.
  • Gambling, not trading.

The Final Word…


Free Money System is a scam. There isn’t really software that can predict where a stock’s value is heading. It is simply a gateway site that leads to brokers it is affiliated with. It’s designed to make it’s owners money without getting any blood on their hands. If you wish to try your hand at trading Binary Options, then skip the middle man and go straight for the brokers.

You’ve been warned. Binary Options are a GAMBLE. It’s just like going to Vegas. Sure, you can win but you can also lose everything. As I stated earlier, the Binary Options industry is largely unregulated. Make sure you can fully trust any broker that you give money to.

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Want to Learn how to Make Money Online?

Do you have any personal experience with Free Money System or Binary Options in general? I’d love to hear from you in a comment below!

Derek Rees

I am the owner of Pajamas and Tie. After years of being scammed, I've taken it upon myself to expose these schemes and let the legitimate programs shine through. You can find me on my site or hanging out over at Wealthy Affiliate.


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