What is Online Data Entry?

Data Entry

Data Entry is the process of inserting data into a company’s database or spreadsheet. This process can be completed by a person at a keyboard or by a machine inserting data electronically.

Once upon a time, data entry was strictly an office job. Nowadays, there are a lot of online data entry jobs available. Companies are now hiring independent contractors to work on projects from home. These hired operators can remotely access the company’s infrastructure and perform operations very similar to their office counterparts.

The majority of at-home data entry jobs are for independent contractors as opposed to employees. This means that there is no guarantee of minimum wage. How these independent contractor jobs are structured often varies.

Companies will break-up data entry into smaller tasks and spread them across a much larger workforce. This is due to crowdsourcing technologies. So instead of workers being assigned an entire task, they are given a small entry or verification task and they receive an equally small payment. The only way to make money from this type of data entry job is to work fast and complete as many jobs as possible.


Online data entry is a field full of scams. Just remember that you should never be willing to give your own money to start a job. Watch out for companies selling a “business opportunity” in data entry.

While there are a lot of scams in the field, there are still plenty of legitimate companies. Data entry is a low paying job generally, and some companies will pay so low as to not be worth the time you would put into a project. You could end up making a few cents on a massive project. You have been warned!

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