Is Crazy Cash Club a Scam?

Name: Crazy Cash Club

Website: http://www.crazycashclub.com/

Price: Free unless you want to make money, than you’ll have to pay (classic bait and switch)

Owners: Martin Morse and Roger McEntyre

Crazy Cash Club (CCC) is an online money making opportunity that launched in early 2015. It’s full of gimmicky and misleading marketing tactics, for example: “Earn $16,000 or more your first day!” It’s hard for me to trust a program that claims something like this (given that this sort of claim is generally associated with a scam). I put my reservations aside in order to investigate. This Crazy Cash Club review is the result of my findings. Read on!

To Begin With…

I’ve been reviewing MMO (Make Money Online) programs like this for quite some time and I’ve just got to say, Crazy Cash Club has one of the tackiest sales pages I’ve ever seen.

Let’s get this straight…

I don’t respect scammers or con artists in ANY form, but the people behind this program must be incredibly lazy. It doesn’t take an expert to see through their BS but I am going to shine a light on all of the negative tactics being utilized.

The thing that irritates me the most are false claims that are meant to sell people on the dream of making money online without telling them what they will actually have to do.

Picture it: You’re a regular Joe/Joanne with a day job and you come across an ad on Facebook telling you that you can make a million dollars working online. You follow the ad to the website and you are greeted with images like this (taken directly from the Crazy Cash Club website/sales video):

Crazy Cash Club Claims - Car

Your dreams certainly can come true, but you’re going to need to know how to make it happen!

Crazy Cash Club Claims - Money

The term “auto pilot” is thrown around too loosely. A lot of processes can be automated in this industry, but a “plug and play” system only works when you have something to plug in to it. This means you will have to consistently work at producing original content. So you can’t quite call it “auto pilot.”

Crazy Cash Club Claims - House

…if you’re willing to work hard for it! That’s what CCC fails to tell you. Don’t fall for flashy images like this.

Scam artists are hoping that you see images like this and you’ll want the car, the house, the money so badly that you will sign up for the “program” without knowing a thing about the work involved.

Nowhere on the sales page/video is there any mention of the actual work involved. This brings me to the next portion of my review….

Program Overview

Crazy Cash Club Header

The average Joe/Joanne does not realize that this “program” is really designed for more experienced web marketers. The whole point of the system is to position yourself within the 6×3 forced matrix. That’s right, this is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) opportunity.

MLMs have a bad reputation as the term is often associated with pyramid schemes. I do not share the view that ALL MLMs are pyramid schemes. However, in the case of THIS particular MLM, I would have to say that it appears to be one.

Pyramid schemes are often identified by whether or not products are being sold. Generally, a pyramid will not feature legitimate products but rather a spot in the compensation matrix. Crazy Cash Club DOES feature products, so let’s take a look at them…. 

The Products

Crazy Cash Club is free to join, but you can only make up to $2,300 as a free member before you are required to pay. What exactly will you be paying for? Take a look:

  • Monster Cash Webinar System – This is essentially a sales video that is designed to get you signed up for CCC. Why would you need to buy it if you’re already a member? Once you buy it you can use it to get people signed up underneath you (more on this later). It will cost you $177.
  • Splash Page – Splash pages are designed to promote something – be it a program, product, or service. These particular splash pages are used to promote CCC. Are you noticing a theme with these products? This one will cost you $147.
  • 5,000 Website Visitors – Traffic is the most valuable commodity within the online industry. If your website has a lot of traffic, you have a lot of chances to make a sale/conversion. Programs that sell traffic are generally pulling unauthentic traffic to your site. This traffic does not generally result in any type of conversion because it’s not usually from a legitimate source. If I rank well on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for a keyword like “how to make money online,” than the traffic I pull in will be real people looking for that particular keyword. When I know what they are searching for, I can tailor my posts to help them as best I can which will result in more conversions for me. Traffic that is purchased is not usually looking for anything in particular which means you can’t help them/convert them. This will cost you $17.
  • 20,000 Website Visitors – Same as above only this will cost you $57.

Important Note: None of these “products” are refundable.

Did you notice the theme with CCC’s products? They are all designed to further promote CCC! That is exactly how you make money with this program. 

How do You Make Money with Crazy Cash Club?

As I stated above, to make the most amount of money with CCC you will have to buy the products. The products are designed to further promote CCC. You make money by promoting the program (and the same products you just bought) to other people.

6x3 Forced Matrix

The compensation plan is a 6×3 forced matrix. This means that you receive commission on up to six sales that you help generate. If the people that you refer go on to promote the program (which they will considering that it is the ONLY way to make money), you will receive commission on each referral THEY make, and you will receive commission on every sale that your referral’s referrals make. 6 wide, 3 deep.

So, the products are only in place to further promote CCC to other people (essentially they’re not real products). When a MLM focuses 90% of it’s efforts on recruitment (as opposed to product creation/distribution), it’s a pyramid scheme. Some people will argue that CCC is not a pyramid scheme because the people in the downline can make more than the people in the upline.

Note: Promoting a pyramid scheme is ILLEGAL. If you even suspect that something might be a pyramid scheme, you should avoid it.

Schemes like this collapse quickly. This results when the bottom rung of the pyramid stops generating sales. They will quit, which will force the people above them to quit (because the money stops coming in), and it will go like this all the way to the top of the pyramid.

This is probably why the people behind Crazy Cash Club didn’t put a lot of effort into their “programs” aesthetics, they knew it wouldn’t last long. 

The Final Word…


Crazy Cash Club is a scam. In truth, it appears to be a pyramid scheme. All it teaches you how to do is promote it back to other people. Avoid this program at all costs, it won’t last much longer anyway.

Are there any Legitimate Alternatives to Crazy Cash Club?

There are certainly a lot of scams within this industry, but there are definitely some legitimate opportunities as well. In fact, it was a legitimate opportunity that taught me everything that I know about Internet/Affiliate Marketing. As a result of what I’ve learned, I now make a full time income working in my pajamas (from the comfort of my own home).

If you want to learn to do what I do (write reviews on products that interest you and make money promoting them), than you should check out the review for my #1 recommendation. It’s a program that allows you to “try before you buy.” Meaning, you can sign up for free and check it out for yourself BEFORE you spend a penny.

Want to Learn how to Make Money Online?

Do you have any personal experience with Crazy Cash Club? Any questions or feedback? Leave it in a comment below and I will get back to you within 24 hours!

Derek Rees

I am the owner of Pajamas and Tie. After years of being scammed, I've taken it upon myself to expose these schemes and let the legitimate programs shine through. You can find me on my site or hanging out over at Wealthy Affiliate.

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