Fast Cash Biz Review – Is it a Scam?

Fast Cash Biz Review


Name: Fast Cash Biz

Website: http://www.fastcash.biz/

Price: Free (software), $250 Minimum Investment (with a brokerage)

Owners: David Graham, Madison Clark

Fast Cash Biz is a new binary signals software that promises to make you $55 million in just 3 years. Does that sound too good to be true? I thought so, but I decided to check it out for myself. This Fast Cash Biz review is the result of my findings. Read on!

To Begin With…

I’m not a big fan of trading binary options. I see the value in it. I see why it is so appealing.

What’s not to love?

It appeals to people who are looking for “overnight success.” People that want all of the money with none of the work. People who want nothing more than to provide for their family without the hassle of trading in their hours for a handful of dimes.

I get it!

We would all love to be rich without working for it, but that’s not very realistic.

Unfortunately, the people that programs like Fast Cash appeal most to, are the people that know the least about Binary Options. Those are the very people that are being taken advantage of.

So, allow me to break this down for you. Trading binary options is essentially just gambling.

A Breakdown of Binary Options:

Binary Options differ from traditional trading in that you never actually own stock. Instead, you bet on whether the value of a particular stock will rise or fall within an established amount of time (usually 1-5 minutes). This process of betting on where a stock’s value will go is called calling or putting.

If you bet correctly, you will double your initial investment (reserving a slice of the winnings to be paid to your broker, or in some cases to the person that referred you to the broker). If you lose, you lose everything (some brokers allot a percentage back to get you to continue betting).

This method of gambling is particularly appealing because there is a 50/50 chance of winning.

What people don’t realize is the fact that the Binary Options industry is largely unregulated, and 75% of the brokerages are fraudulent.

As a result of this, scam artists love binary options. Most brokers (legitimate or not) have affiliate programs. This means that if someone like me were to promote a broker and I got you to signup with them, I would collect commission on the referral.

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The common trend for people to promote different brokers (and receive commission), is to develop “software” that automates the calling/putting process for traders. They seem so generous when they give this software away for free (especially when they claim that it will make the user millions), but they always fail to tell you that you will have to make a minimum investment (almost always $250) with a broker in order to benefit from this “software.”

Once you make that minimum investment, BOOM the person that sent you to the broker just made commission on your investment. This is easy money for scam artists because of how appealing the idea of trading binary options is to consumers (not to mention the fact that the scammers get to look like the heros for giving away their magic software for free).

Speaking of the software….

In most cases, this “software” is complete BS. It’s just a marketing ploy to get you signed up with a broker and earn the owner of the “software” commission. They get away with it because all their software needs to do is flip a coin. Sometimes it gets it right and sometimes it gets it wrong, but the owners are always careful to warn you of the risk involved with Binary Options. They always make sure to cover their own ass (in fact, by law brokers have to warn of the risk involved with trading Binary Options).

Don’t get me wrong….

There really is software that can spot trends within the market over a period of time. However, the price of stock rises and falls OFTEN. Within a minute the value of stock can change 100 times. There is no software that can trace the value of stock at this small scale. So don’t believe it when somebody tells you otherwise.

That’s a summary of Binary Options and how these scams tend to operate. Let’s take a look at Fast Cash Biz. 

Program Overview

Fast Cash Biz Header

I first stumbled upon Fast Cash Biz when I was researching another binary options software called “Push Button Commissions” (PBC). As I attempted to locate the homepage of this program I was redirected to the Fast Cash Biz site.

I am unsure whether or not the two programs have the same owners, or if the people behind Fast Cash simply bought the PBC website.

If they are owned by the same people, than I assume they changed the name because of negative reviews surrounding PBC (people were becoming aware of the fact that it was a scam). If the owners of Fast Cash simply bought the url, it is likely that they were trying to take advantage of the traffic that the former program brought in (they’re promoting the same “software” so the traffic would still convert for them).

It’s worth noting the fact that PBC is no longer operational. It had the same type of “software” and made the same promises but it failed. If the software was so great, it wouldn’t have failed. I wonder if the same will be said of Fast Cash in the future.

Fast Cash’ Sleazy Marketing Tactics

I could go on and on about how much I hated the sales video. It’s 30 minutes long and it is filled with complete pulp. The video is meant to sell you on the dream of making big money without doing any work. In fact, it doesn’t talk about what you’ll be doing at all. Instead it tries to hypnotize you into signing up by showing you yachts, fancy cars, and private jets. Here’s one screen shot of the video pitch:

Fast Cash Biz Sleazy Video

Wow, that’s some big money! They are trying to play on your heart strings (or your purse strings) This is the age of Photoshop. Can you really trust this image? Of course you can’t.

The people behind this program certainly paid A LOT of money to make this video (renting yachts, cars, private jets, and hiring actors). Yet, they are offering their software for free.

Why would they invest so much of their own money only to give up their software for free?

That’s the question you have to ask yourself. Either they are affiliated with the brokers that they plug, or they are making money by selling your signup details. They certainly wouldn’t invest this much money without a return.

The Final Word…


Fast Cash Biz is a scam. This is just my opinion, but I don’t see how it could be anything but a scam. I believe that the majority of these programs pitching magic “software” are scams.

However, you can make money trading Binary Options. It’s gambling, but if you can make money in Vegas, you can make money with Binary Options. Just be careful! This is an extreme gamble and you should know that going in.

If you are interested in trading Binary Options, my advice to you would be: DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Make sure you know what you are doing before you even consider beginning. Perform research and find a legitimate broker. Don’t go through a third party site because you think it will make the process easier. If you want to make money (even with gambling), you should work hard at it!

A Safer Bet…

I’m not a gambling man myself. I prefer trading sweat for my paychecks. Having said that, I’ve been working online, full-time, for two years now (It certainly doesn’t require as much sweat as a regular 9-5). I make my money with affiliate marketing. That is the process of promoting products and collecting commission when I refer a sale.

If you would like to learn to do what I do (and build your own online business), check out my review for a program that can teach you to do just that. It will only take a minute of your time and it is a whole lot better than gambling for your paychecks.

Want to Learn how to Make Money Online?

Do you have any personal experience with Fast Cash Biz? My readers and I would love to hear about it! People read comments. If you were unfortunate enough to lose money with this software, your comment could help me to warn other people not to buy it. Adversely, if you were successful with this program those comments are welcomed as well! Let’s get a conversation going!

Derek Rees

I am the owner of Pajamas and Tie. After years of being scammed, I've taken it upon myself to expose these schemes and let the legitimate programs shine through. You can find me on my site or hanging out over at Wealthy Affiliate.

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