Internet Earnings Path Review – Is it a Scam?

Internet Earnings Path Review

Internet Earnings Path Review

Name: Internet Earnings Path

Website: http://www.internetearningspath.com 

Price: $1.95 (5-Day Trial), $29.95 (Hosting and Maintenance Fees)

Internet Earnings Path (IEP) is a complete scam, and it’s one I’ve seen before. That’s right! This is another duplicate scam site. This Internet Earnings Path review will show you why you’re better off avoiding the program altogether. Read on!

To Begin With…

Duplicate scam sites are the bane of my existence. They’re the laziest scammers out there, and I hate to see them take any money from consumers. All I can do is keep writing these reviews, and hopefully some of you will begin to recognize a duplicate when you see it.

What exactly is a duplicate scam site? I’m glad you asked!

Duplicate Scam 

This is a pretty self-explanatory term, but I want to define the term for the beginners out there. A duplicate scam site is a copy of another site. I’m not saying it’s a copy of a legitimate site. It’s actually a self-plagiarized site.

Essentially, a scammer builds a sales funnel to take advantage of people. When the funnel stops producing results, because people become wise to the fact that it is a scam, the scammer simply changes the name of the program and leaves everything else the same.

A duplicate scam is best defined by pictures. Here is a screen capture of a program I reviewed called Online Web Cash:

Online Web Cash

I’m seeing double!

Doesn’t this look remarkably similar to the screen capture of IEP that I posted above? The same company is behind both of these programs. They’re too lazy to update their scam, so they just copy and paste it across the board.

However, this makes my job (as someone reviewing programs) a little easier. I know that IEP is a duplicate of a scam, so I’m going to talk about the original scam I reviewed.

Online Web Cash

OWC was essentially just a doorway site. That is, a site that redirects traffic to other sites. It had no program of it’s own, but the owners made money by directing their traffic to other “opportunities.” It is an absolutely despicable site, and for the life of me, I could not figure out why it was so popular.

That’s when my readers pointed something out to me:

Online Web Cash CommentIt was being promoted by a “news” site. That’s what these duplicate sites like to do, and it is really the only clever thing they have up their sleeve (still entirely despicable). They use fake “news” sites to promote their programs. If you’ve found this Internet Earnings Path review after learning of the program from a “news” site, consider yourself lucky. You almost got had!

Is there any difference between these two programs?

The Difference

There actually has been some changes made. The “programs” are different. Internet Earnings Path will give you a website, and charge you $29.95 for hosting. This is way too expensive for hosting.

Do you really want a website from a program that couldn’t even design their own?

That’s the question you’ve got to ask yourself. The appealing thing about pre-built websites is the fact that they come with content, which means you can start selling right away. Unfortunately, pre-built often times translates to duplicate content (not surprising in this case). Duplicate content will not rank on Google. In fact, it will be penalized.

IEP isn’t a real program. They aren’t going to take the time to add unique content to every pre-loaded site that they give away. All of the content, within the sites they give away, is going to be duplicated. Therefore, it is useless.

They will not teach you how to utilize these sites. Once you’ve given your money to them, they will ignore you.

Well, they won’t completely ignore you….

Part of the sign-up process requires you to provide your phone number. Do not do this! You will be relentlessly hounded by telemarketers.

The Sales Page

Internet Earnings Path utilizes a sales tactic that I like to call the “wool over the eyes technique.” They say things like:

IEP False Statement

There is no such thing as overnight success. You want to make money? You’re going to have to work hard!

Saying things like this takes complete advantage of beginners. People become so eager to start making money that they forget to perform any research on the program. Nowhere, on the sales page, is information on what you’ll have to do to make money.

Don’t fall for this kind of seedy marketing. ALWAYS perform your due diligence.

Special Note

Programs like this will often change what they are promoting without notice. This week, IEP is providing websites. Next week, it may be promoting something else entirely. All I can tell you with certainty, is to avoid everything promoted by this scam.

The Final Word…


Internet Earnings Path is a complete scam. There really isn’t even a program to be found here. It’s just a funnel designed to dupe consumers out of their hard earned money. The only people that make money with IEP are the people that own it. Don’t give these scam artists any more money. Avoid this program at all costs.

Keep in mind what this scam looks like, because it will be copied again. You’ll know to avoid it next time when it reappears with a new name. In fact, if you see another site like this, TELL ME. I will add it to the ever growing list of scams.

Note: Not all programs are as deplorable as this one. You do not have to be a scam artist to make money with affiliate marketing.

If you are looking for a community that will actually TEACH you how to make money online, look no further than my #1 recommendation.

My #1 Recommendation

Do you have any personal experience with Internet Earnings Path or a duplicate of it? Any questions or feedback? Leave it in a comment below!

Derek Rees

I am the owner of Pajamas and Tie. After years of being scammed, I've taken it upon myself to expose these schemes and let the legitimate programs shine through. You can find me on my site or hanging out over at Wealthy Affiliate.

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