Infinite Leverage System Review – Trusted or Busted?

Infinite Leverage System Review

Name: Infinite Leverage System

Website: http://www.infiniteleveragesystem.com 

Price: FREE 7-day trial, $51.91 per month, + upsells

Owners: Chad Stalvey, Doug Wellens, Mack Zidan, and Greg Chambers

If you were searching for an Infinite Leverage System review in order to determine if it was a scam or not, than you’ve come to the right place. I can make this really easy for you. Infinite Leverage System is a pyramid scheme, and I believe it is a scam.

Go figure!

This Infinite Leverage System (ILS) review will explain why pyramid schemes aren’t worth investing in.

To Begin With…

Infinite Leverage System Header

You need to understand the difference between a traditional MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company and a pyramid scheme. A lot of people have the idea that MLM = Pyramid Scheme. This is totally false.

There are plenty of legitimate MLM companies (Avon for example) that avoid the dreaded pyramid shape. Legitimate companies focus on their product and utilize their customers as affiliates. The customers/affiliates have an easy job, because most of the time they are hawking a great product (because the company puts their emphasis on product creation). A good product sells itself.

A pyramid scheme operates on the same platform but instead of focusing on product creation, they focus on recruitment. If an MLM company puts 90% of it’s emphasis on acquisition, as opposed to focusing on improving their products, it becomes a pyramid scheme.

A Pyramid Scheme

The only happy people in a pyramid are the people at the top.

In the MMO (Make Money Online) world there are tons of pyramids that are essentially selling the right to resell the product. If you buy into one of these programs, you won’t receive a good product for your investment. I’m not kidding! Often times there isn’t a product to be found. You simply buy into a pyramid in the hopes of getting people in your downline making money for you. Without a product to market, this is a lot easier said than done.

Essentially, all pyramid schemes are MLMs but not all MLMs are pyramid schemes.

You catch my drift?

Infinite Leverage System actually has a product to market. Allow me to break it down….

Click Brilliance – What is it?

Click Brilliance is the biggest draw to ILS. It is simply a tracking tool that allows you to perform split testing and monitor where your traffic is coming from. There is a 7-day free trial and after that it costs $27 per month. Some of it’s features include:

  • GEO Targeting
  • Link Tracking
  • Pop-up Timers
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Split Testing
  • Website Monitoring
  • Website Rotator

Tracking your online business is crucial. You’ve got to understand your traffic in order to make the most out of it. Click Brilliance is not for beginners. You need to understand the business before you can make sense of the tracking data.

While it is important to track your traffic, it is not necessary to pay for the tool. There are FREE options available for tracking (like Pretty Links if you’re operating on a WordPress site).

Click Brilliance isn’t for beginners and more experienced Internet marketers know that they can find a free tool, so why are people purchasing it?

The only reason people are subscribing to this tool, is for the right to resell it to others. Once you purchase Click Brilliance you can resell it and collect $20 recurring commission each month (per sale). People aren’t buying it to use it, they’re buying it in the hopes of scamming other people into buying it.

This goes to show that ILS isn’t focusing on product creation. They’re focusing on recruitment. They are a blatant pyramid scheme.

Click Brilliance is only a small part of the compensation plan. Here is the rest….

The Compensation Plan (Going into the Pyramid)

With this type of program, you make money by convincing (scamming) people into your downline. Click Brilliance isn’t the only product that you can market. ILS has many different tracking packages for the MMO (Make Money Online) niche.

Before you can earn money selling these packages, you have to purchase them. You can only collect commission from the sales of packages that you’ve previously purchased.

Here is a list of the traffic packages and the commissions you can potentially earn from selling them:

  • Basic – 170 to 190 clicks for $220 ($100 commission)
  • Bronze – 340 to 380 clicks for $440 ($200 commission)
  • Silver – 510 to 570 clicks for $660 ($300 commission)
  • Gold – 850 to 950 clicks for $1,097 ($500 commission)
  • Platinum – 1,700 to 1,900 clicks for $2,197 ($1,000 commission)
  • Titanium – 3,400 to 3,800 clicks for $4,297 ($2,000 commission)

Infinite Leverage System Compensation Plan

The money from the 2nd, 4th, and 6th sale that you make will go to your upline (the person that referred you and the people that referred them). After that every 5th sale you make will go to your upline.

Is it starting to look like a pyramid yet? 

If somebody that you referred purchases a traffic package that is above the level you’ve purchased, the commission from the sale will go to your upline. This is how they get you to purchase the most expensive options. They are out for your money!

The Training

There is a 16 page ebook but it mostly explains how to use the back office. There really isn’t any training available. That is why I don’t recommend this program to beginners.

A beginner’s best bet would be to sign up under a good sponsor. A sponsor knows that they are only as successful as their downline. The better off their downline, the more money they can earn. A good sponsor will go the extra mile to train their downline in Internet marketing.

The Final Word…


Infinite Leverage System is a blatant scam. It is a pyramid scheme. The only people that can benefit from this program are sharks that don’t mind conning beginners. Pyramid schemes are not worth it. I know that the compensation plans can sound awfully appealing, but you have to get in at the very beginning to make the most money. The only people that benefit from a pyramid are the people at the top.

As the program grows, more and more people will start promoting it, and as a result of this saturation less money will be made by members. Eventually, the whole program will fizzle out (in my opinion).

Bottom-line: ILS does not have a real product. People are only buying into this to promote it to others. Don’t be one of the many scam artists online. You want to succeed? Then you need to deliver honest material and products.

If you want to make money online, you need to find an honest training program. A program that cares about it’s members. I only have one recommendation that fits the bill…

My #1 Recommendation

Do you have any personal experience with Infinite Leverage System? Any questions or feedback? Leave it in a comment below! I love hearing from you guys and gals!

Derek Rees

I am the owner of Pajamas and Tie. After years of being scammed, I've taken it upon myself to expose these schemes and let the legitimate programs shine through. You can find me on my site or hanging out over at Wealthy Affiliate.


  1. YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR talking about ILS has a real product its called TRAFFIC!!! 7 and 8 figure earners use this source which is ALOT more than you make SON!!!

    • Dear John,

      You hurt my feelings today. No, it wasn’t because you presumed to know my income, it was because you failed to read my review. I clearly state that ILS has a product (Click Brilliance). However, I don’t believe there is any retail potential with this product. Most of the tools can be found for free, or at the very least cheaper. The only people buying Click Brilliance are the affiliates trying to pay their way to commissions. I disagree with ILS’s “pay to play” mentality, but I made the facts known so that others could form their own opinions. That’s the purpose of all of my reviews here.

      You’ve made your opinion known. Congratulations. I assume you are a member of ILS. What are you going to do when you, or your downline, can’t recruit anymore people?

      Anything else you’d like to add?

      Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to leave me a comment.


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