Bring the Fresh Honest Review

Name: Bring the Fresh

Website: http://www.bringthefresh.com

Price: $7 trial, $89 for lifetime membership

Owners: Kelly Felix

Program Overview

The founders of Bring the Fresh split up in early 2013. This left only Kelly Felix, the man behind the Rich Jerk product, running the operation. Over the past couple of years, the program has changed from a membership to a one-time payment with “upsells”. It is a website building software that includes the training you need to build a profitable work from home business without any experience, computer knowledge, or marketing skills.

The software is supposed to do everything for you. The constant updates to the program prevent the information from growing stale or underperforming. The majority of these updates are timed to coincide with Google Updates. This is good.

Bring the Fresh is user friendly. I’d recommend it to beginners and experts alike. There is a trial period and a money back guarantee, so it can be researched by anyone with the slightest interest. They claim that they can be used by anyone at any age. However, it still requires some level of commitment and effort to be successful. Remember, that all good programs still require hard work!

Training is presented through webinars and advice from experts is available. In addition to the website building tool, there are article creation, link builders, and spinner tools. Tools that drive fresh traffic to your site are also encouraged. All of the additional tools are optional.

Getting started will grant you access to the Fresh Start Guide, as soon as your membership enrollment has been processed. This guide is in video format and will give you all of the information that you will need to get rolling. Updates are given to this information whenever Google makes changes. Specialized keywords are provided as a bonus to those starting the Bring the Fresh program.

The customer service page offers support to Bring the Fresh members. There is also a members forum that allows members to ask questions of one another. The forum board has around 9,000 members currently. The forum is set-up in a user friendly format and site-owners make fairly frequent appearances within the community.

The biggest drawback to Bring the Fresh are the “upsells”. After the $7 trial week, lifetime membership will cost you $89. The lifetime membership DOES NOT allow access to all of the system and training. You will receive offers to join “exclusive” groups at further costs. There have been complaints about receiving emails from Kelly Felix offering high ticket mentoring programs. Avoid “upsells”!!!

Pros and Cons


  • Simple software allows for one click steps to develop a functional and attractive website.
  • A step by step program.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Kelly Felix has a track record in the online business industry.


  • The majority of the information is presented with webinars. These have been proven to be less effective for certain learning types.
  • Members are not provided with information on whether their lifetime access will transfer to updated programs, or if they have to buy into a new version.
  • Not all of the components of operating a successful online business are included with membership.
  • No warning about the “upsells”, which can be quite expensive.
  • No free trial provided.

The Final Word…

Trusted!It would be unfair of me to say this wasn’t a pretty good program. It has been updated frequently to accommodate changes in the affiliate marketing world. The number of additional tools may be confusing for people just starting out in Internet marketing and they will lead to further expenses. I recommend newbies stick with the basics until they learn the system.

If you decide to join Bring the Fresh, I recommend you avoid the “upsells” and the mentoring packages. A lot of people feel that Bring the Fresh is ripping them off through all of the “upsells”. So, if you proceed with the program just be aware of these sneaky marketing tactics and get as much as you can from the base program.

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If you have any further questions or feedback on Bring the Fresh, leave it in a comment below and I will add it to the page! Thanks!


Derek Rees

I am the owner of Pajamas and Tie. After years of being scammed, I've taken it upon myself to expose these schemes and let the legitimate programs shine through. You can find me on my site or hanging out over at Wealthy Affiliate.

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